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February 23, was a Monday; Zodiac Sign for this date is: Pisces; This date was 22, days ago; February 23rd is on a Sunday; Someone born on.

The person definitely wants a family, the desire that goes together with equally strong inner resistance and fear of considerable changes in life.

Such situation usually happens Calculate a horoscope for another date. Horoscope for birthday born day : Day of week: Thursday. Number: Number of destiny: 2.

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Last Name. The value of the lines of Pythagoras. Show more. They know what they want and how to get it and they are excellent judgement of characters. You are "tuned in" to your environment, and aware of everything happening in your world, and to everyone around you. Pisces is the dream sign of the zodiac.

You may be one of the true dreamers of the world, often getting caught up in impractical plans and ideas. You absorb the ideas and the mental outlook of those around you, for better or for worse The moon in Virgo. A Virgo Moon generates a definite reserve in expression, and a personality that is often critical and analytical.

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You are not unemotional, but it is difficult for you to delineate what you feel. Consequently, you can sometimes come across as a little cold, detached, or prudish. You can seem stuffy and proud, when in fact, you are rather easily hurt. Your desire to be considered superior intellectually Mercury in Aries. Mercury in Aries suggests ways of thinking that are decisive and to the point.

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This Mercury is argumentative by its nature, suggesting that you enjoy competing mentally. Your thinking is original. You love creating new ideas and intellectual adventures.

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  8. You think and debate well on your feet, but you may become impatient with opponents or opposition. You hate delays. Roadblocks frustrate you to no Show all 13 planets in signs. Square The Sun - Uranus.

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    A tough day to solve problems or to look for insights and solutions. You may feel that your originality and independence are stifled or just not available to you. Someone older may tend to stifle your freedom. Trine The moon - Venus.

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    You may be able to enjoy and value your own life situation today or feel especially kind towards a friend or loved one. Someone may compliment you on your tastes or belongings. Trine The moon - Jupiter.