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February 23, was a Monday; Zodiac Sign for this date is: Pisces; This date was 22, days ago; February 23rd is on a Sunday; Someone born on.

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I love it. I need it. Our new, better life. The life that will allow Leonard and me both to flourish. That means I see less of the people I care about these days. A new balance. Another cycle. Things now require more planning and coordination. Time is spent purposefully. When Leonard is awake, I want to relish every moment. Laundry, paperwork, returning phone calls, kitchen cleanup, and yes, the occasional monumental project — now a bits-and-pieces process.

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But sometimes, I just sit still in the quiet and watch him sleep. The wheels are turning. God, Leonard and me. In this new year, I realize, more than ever, that time is precious. Leonard has already doubled in weight since his birth. He can already hold his head up, and is trying with all of his might to command the use of his hands and legs.

All my friends with children tell me how quickly time races by. I wonder if my current nesting craze is really just a masked attempt to make time stand still.

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I want to always remember this moment with the immediacy I feel now. I know better. But still. So what will this year hold? Lots of giggling. Lots of learning. Lots of milestones. By this time next year, Leonard will be walking and talking. What else? Lots of traveling, and lots of music.

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Leonard will become a bus baby for a few months. His first tour. Hopefully, there will be a handful of intimate dinner parties around this big, old farmhouse table in my kitchen. This year will be, as all my years have come to be, an open prayer. I feel it, though. God has filled my belly with a satiating sureness. After all, he is, to me, a blessing among blessings. Submitted by Tera not verified on December 5, - am. Submitted by Charli not verified on December 5, - am.

Submitted by Brigette not verified on December 5, - am. Submitted by Mahalia not verified on December 5, - am. Submitted by Ambrose not verified on December 5, - am. Submitted by Leigh not verified on December 5, - am.

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Submitted by Bernadine not verified on December 5, - am. Submitted by Shelia not verified on December 5, - am. Submitted by Johnny not verified on December 5, - am. Submitted by Dorine not verified on December 5, - am. Submitted by Jackie not verified on December 5, - am. Submitted by Shay not verified on December 5, - am. Submitted by Lowell not verified on December 5, - am. You might want to consider letting someone else take the lead for once, allowing you to regain your equilibrium before the next decision is made. Today could be an odd day as far as communication goes.

You might get cut off in the middle of an important phone conversation, or somebody might say something dramatic and then not finish their sentence! There could be some questions in your head as you go about your day. Things might not get completely sorted out today. So please be patient and don't jump to any conclusions about what is happening in your relationships. Life: Mars and Jupiter make you more impatient at work than ever, and your displeasure with your colleagues is clear to see.

Love: Venus and Jupiter offer up plenty of encounters with passionate people. November horoscope: Time for a career change? You want to live free and without responsibilities but the doom and gloom of November fails to offer up any excitement. Jimmy Carter admitted to hospital for brain surgery. Winners and losers from Seahawks' wild OT win. GOP shrugs off growing evidence to stand with Trump. Analysis: How a trio of sons-in-law guide US-Turkey ties. The world's largest trade deal could be signed in -- without the U. Gomez says people 'attacked' her for gaining weight. Dodge put the wrong wheels on new Challengers and Chargers.

Gymnast dies after training accident in Connecticut. Utah death-row inmate featured in popular book dies. Man cuffed for eating sandwich on train platform. Lamar Odom engaged to Sabrina Parr. Fox News analyst Napolitano emerges as Trump critic. Hannah Brown on being surrounded by exes. SDSU freshman hurt in fraternity incident dies. Rocket fire after Israel kills Palestinian militant leader. Afghan president: Taliban to release 2 US prisoners.

LeBron blames AAU coaches for overplaying 'kids'. Curry needs second surgery, expects to return this season.

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US held record number of migrant kids in custody in Scared rabbit abandoned in box clings to his favorite teddy bear. Google is collecting personal health data of millions of people. Carey outdid every kid on TikTok with her 'Fantasy challenge'. The Faroe Islands will 'close' again—but will allow volunteers to visit. This drop-in truck camper fits any truck and comes fully equipped. As probe starts new phase, Trump promises another transcript. Here's the secret to Ree Drummond's incredible weight loss. Joanna Gaines' casserole recipe has us ready to throw a party tonight.

Sisters raise thousands to buy Thanksgiving meals and turkeys for families in need.


Husband arrested 37 years after wife found dead. Boat fire: Widow sues Truth Aquatics owner. Boseman reacts to Scorsese's Marvel criticism.