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February 23, was a Monday; Zodiac Sign for this date is: Pisces; This date was 22, days ago; February 23rd is on a Sunday; Someone born on.

Libra Men are also prone to chattiness which is an attribute that might not appeal to some who prefer lighter, less frequent conversation. Beyond his physique, great looks, chattiness, and exceptional mastership of conversation, he is well-tempered, honest, and one with an amazing amount of integrity.

The Personality of a Libra, Explained

A Libra Man is very visual and appreciates all things of great beauty so his home environment may serve a reflection of this. Everything has its place, and he loves comfortable posh surroundings. The kidneys are under the Rulership of this Sun Sign as they help in keeping the body balanced by ridding it of toxins, and, for the most part, there are two of the organs present in a healthy person, thereby demonstrating symmetry within the body.

Libras are therefore prone to afflictions of the kidneys, including nephritis. The skin may also be prone to health issues in a Libra male and may present as skin eruptions of eczema. Libra males have so many talents that they prove successful in several industries. You might find a male working as a carpenter, architect, or designer of some kind as he has a keen eye for what is visually pleasing. More so, he may very well be into the arts, drawing, painting, or some other artistic pursuit. Of course, their conversational skills will get them everywhere and fast!

How to attract a Libra man

Superior at debates, excellent at persuasion, and good at negotiation, the communication skills the Libra Man has go a long way in his career. He may work in customer service, marketing, advertising, public relations, or he may be a public or inspirational speaker. His sense of fairness for all can likely lead him into the legal field where he is a correctional officer, police officer, lawyer or judge.

Financially, Libra Men fall in the middle road, which is probably the one and only time they do.

He can be frugal, or he can be a spendthrift, and he can bounce back and forth between the two extremes. His love of what is visually pleasing may drive him to spend more than he has, but his concerns for the future may have him clinging to his coins. You will find your Libra man can be sweet and super romantic. He will flirt with you a lot, and ….

Libra Man Compatibility With Women From Other Zodiac Signs (In Pictures)

He does not appreciate any kind of unfair treatment, and he is certainly not one to dish it out. Now… if your Libra Man is out of balance, he may be overly flirtatious and even prone to having several fleeting, superficial relationships rather than buckling down and committing to just one person. Libras have an eye for beauty, and some Libras may be artists or into fashion design.

Like Taureans, Libra Men also enjoy the finer things in life including theater, music, wine, and good food. Libra is no homebody by any means, though, unless they are experiencing a significant imbalance and they are therefore claustrophobic. Instead, Libras enjoy equal amounts of time in the home environment and traveling the world to see sites that are of historical importance and that appeal to his visual senses.

The Libra Man

Socializing with other people around the world is also something a Libra can easily enjoy. Libra Men have a serious dislike for those who are rude or condescending as well. They do not like being rude either, and they spend much of their time righting their world so to speak, as they seek eternal balance. The Libra Man likes to debate all possibilities and, is, therefore, slower in the decision-making process: This allows the Libra time to think about all angles but also makes it difficult for the Libra male to boil anything down to a single decision.

Libra males are amazing siblings with their temperament being mild their entire life through. They are peacekeepers and love their siblings, especially those who interact with them through play and conversation. Lifelong friendships can be established with a Libra male and his siblings, and an adult, if a sibling is in need, the Libra male is there on the spot ready to help in any way possible.

When it comes to friends, your Libra male will have a lot of them, both male and female. He understands the importance of having a network of friends, and this will give him an edge in his life and career. Libra males love to learn and to share such knowledge, and in this way, they are much like a Gemini, but one who is not so prone to extremes.

Libra Tiger Man — Combined Horoscope

Libra men make outstanding fathers and perfect role models for their children. Their easy-going parenting style makes the child comfortable to open up to the father, so they develop a very close bond. A gentle reminder to the Libra man that a bit of balance is required in all things, including discipline, and it should rectify the problem quickly. As a mate and spouse, you cannot find a kinder, sweeter, gentler, or more compassionate and romantic partner.

For those lucky enough to pair with a Libra man there are many good times ahead; his sense of humor, easy conversational style, and his sense of fairness in all things promise long years of happiness together with the person he chooses as his beloved! Libra and Aquarius are compatible, and many go on to have very successful marriages. Both Aquarius and the Libra have an eye for all things beautiful and enjoy being part of the community.

Providing the Libra remains flexible whenever the Aquarian mate needs some downtime to his or herself, the relationship can thrive. Gemini and Libra are also compatible whereas Libra can help in balancing out the extremes the Gemini has a penchant for; Libra comprehends the needs of the Gemini personality, and while Libra is about Balance and Gemini about Feeling, the pairing goes along well with just a touch of intriguing contrast. While being compatible with Sagittarius, a Libra might find a bit of trouble with the naturally laid back and carefree nature of the Sagittarius partner.

Nonetheless, the two can pair off nicely and even enter into marriage quite successfully. Sagittarius will prove an exciting partner for Libra, and they share a love for social events and the posh, finer things in life. The shining Leo and the loving Libra man get along quite well too. They both love the regal nature of beautiful things and living a lux life. The person of Libra man's dreams is someone charming, kind, and great at listening.

Figure it out here!

Libra Tiger Man Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Libra men love it when their admirers are playful and fun. We believe that the secret to attracting a Libra man sexually is by being extremely suggestive and sensual. Here's a tip for you, a Libra man loves being tactile and adores being massaged. So what are you waiting for? Get a little naughty with your Libra man. Find out how to attract men using their zodiac signs.

Attracting a Libra woman is quite straightforward, although getting a Libra woman to commit is much harder! Libra women are very popular and lovely playing the flirting game.

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Libra women are known for their indecisiveness and hate being rushed into things. To win a Libra female's heart, you also need to give her some space. Libra does everything to establish a healthy and balanced relationship based on respect and understanding. Libra needs peaceful relationships in order to feel at ease. Libra male is a romantic zodiac sign , so he knows how to be very charming when he is attracted to someone. Libra men are very romantic and crave love and affection. A Libra man wants an intelligent woman who is capable of holding her own in conversations and debates.

A Libra man will fall deeply in love with a charming and sociable woman. Libra man dreams of meeting a woman who knows just how to light up a room with her confidence and bubbly personality. To find out whether a Libra man likes you, you need to read his text messages. If a Libra man sends you cute texts like this then he is crazy in love with you! Libras are very diplomatic , and there are never any loud arguments or discussions with him. Libra knows how to make himself clear in a calm and gentle manner. Libras are unable to make decisions.

Their indecisiveness often harms them more in their personal lives than it does professionally. A Libra needs to grow within a serene and pleasant atmosphere. Libra male seems sweet, but when he has an idea, he protects it fiercely. This zodiac sign also loves everything that has an artistic and esthetic side. Libra is afraid of conflict and avoids them like the plague! Libra is one of the most seductive zodiac sign!

Libra man is elegant and he gives off a crazy amount of charm. No one can resist him, which is even better! He needs a lot of love and affection in order to feel alive. Venus reigns over Libra, which explains why the Libra zodiac sign loves nothing more than working out. Libra man's hobbies are usually on the artistic side. He loves painting, writing, acting and sculpting!

Libra is also very fond of sex, which is undoubtedly his favorite thing to do in his spare time….

The LIBRA MALE by Joan Zodianz

Now that you how to seduce a Libra man, check out our other articles to go one step further. I am a leo and a libra ask me if he could court me should I say yes? Am Aquarius am in love with a Libra man he's kinda complicated. Ellen mcelgun. I am a Picses and want a Libra man to mArry me. Do u think he will ever pop the question?