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February 23, was a Monday; Zodiac Sign for this date is: Pisces; This date was 22, days ago; February 23rd is on a Sunday; Someone born on.

To be more successful, they lack more determination. They always know the formula for success for themselves, but sometimes because of a lack of determination, they do not achieve anything in the end result. People born on this day are big aesthetes.

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Appreciate the beauty and admire the beautiful. Try to strive for excellence. This is usually manifested in their external data. They do not tolerate those who look sloppy or do not look after themselves. True, this attempt is not rarely defeated. They have a special charm. As a rule, around them there are always quite a few people who enjoy communicating with them.

Quite often in the clouds. Nevertheless, in an extreme situation, they are able to quickly concentrate. This fact often leads to amazement of others. At such moments, they become decisive and active. They have diplomatic talent. They easily manage to communicate with different people.

They do not know how to hide their irritation, especially if there are people next to them who do not share their point of view. At times, they are not balanced and not tolerant, which often interferes with them in life. Friends play a significant role in your year and in fulfilling your goals. If you're single, do some in-depth thinking about the kind of relationship you desire. As a result, you'll make stronger choices.

If attached, you'll see that you and your partner can manifest nearly any goal you both desire. They'll tend to offer a practical yet effective approach. Accept responsibility gracefully. You sense an undercurrent that, if true, could be upsetting.

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You can count on a friend to help you convince others of a certain person's intentions. You might feel that a positive attitude could be more helpful. Tonight: Revive your thinking. Reach out for a loved one who's at a distance and delights in hearing your voice on the phone. Starting the day on such a positive note helps you, too.


You quickly and efficiently clear out work and other matters. Tonight: A last-minute serious request or conversation. One-on-one relating helps your mind drift away from what you might choose not to handle. At a certain point, you need to look at facts as facts. Don't attempt to convince others otherwise. Tonight: Enjoying a special night with a loved one.

March 1 Zodiac

Others know that you mean well. Although they might not always show their gratitude, they appreciate your efforts. You could still find others or a loved one to be remote and touchy. Tonight: Don't take another person's efforts negatively. Remain secure.

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You've done more than your share to make a situation work. You could feel as though someone is undermining you. You might be more serious than others would like you to be. Try to explain your position. Tonight: Know when to call it a night. Your creativity and ability to make a difference come out.

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When you're dealing with a child or loved one, your caring emerges. You could be dragging more than you realize. Consider an appropriate change of plans. Tonight: As you like.

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Even if another person seems to want to rain on your parade, stay centered. At the moment, you cannot make a change; however, you can keep a perspective. Don't let others get to you. Tonight: Be willing to make an adjustment. Keep your upbeat approach, and don't allow another person to rain on your parade. Although you normally don't cut others off or vanish, you might make that choice. Don't make adjustments too quickly. Discuss the problem.